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What is the ionicity of cationic polyacrylamide?

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Many people have many questions about the ionicity of cationic polyacrylamide. At present, there are not many domestic manufacturers of cationic polyacrylamide, and most of them are products of distribution agents. The effect of the product is also better than that of domestic products in practical application. Products with high ionicity can also be produced, and the domestic ionicity is generally around 10%-60%. And all small-scale cationic polyacrylamide is a soluble linear polymer with a molecular weight between 3 million and 14 million, soluble in methanol and ethanol, and insoluble in organic solvents such as ketones, esters, and hydrocarbons.

The method can effectively flocculate and precipitate negatively charged sewage containing suspended solids particles, and has positive charge properties in both acidic and alkaline media. For example: food alcohol production wastewater, papermaking wastewater, urban sewage treatment plant wastewater, brewery wastewater, monosodium glutamate factory wastewater, sugar wastewater, wastewater with high organic content, beverage wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater, etc.

It can also be used as an oilfield chemical additive, such as clay anti-swelling agent, oilfield acidifying thickener, papermaking enhancer, etc. This product is a copolymerization reaction of cationic monomers (DM, DMC, DMDAAC, DMAEMA, etc.) and acrylamide , Small granules or white powder made after granulation, drying and crushing.

Regarding the ionicity determination method of cationic polyacrylamide, we generally use the colloidal titration method. Mainly used in sewage treatment as sludge dewatering agent. The manufacturer of cationic polyacrylamide believes that the characteristics of cationic PAM cannot be quickly achieved, otherwise the PAM will agglomerate to form "fish eyes" and cannot be dissolved. After adding PAM, continue to stir for 30 min to ensure that it is fully dissolved; dissolve PAM should be used as soon as possible, the anion should not exceed 36 hours, and the cationic polyacrylamide should be easily hydrolyzed after dissolving, and be used within 24 hours.

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