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How to choose polyacrylamide PAM for sewage from different industries?

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As we all know, polyacrylamide is known as Baiye auxiliaries, and it is also widely used in sewage treatment. But it is not an omnipotent product, not one model can solve all problems, all different sewage can be treated up to the standard, different sewage needs to use corresponding products, there is a question on how to choose the right flocculation The problem of the agent, here is a brief introduction to this problem.

The nature of the sewage produced by different enterprises is different, some are acidic water quality, some are alkaline water quality, and some are neutral water quality, some contain oil, some contain a large amount of organic matter, some contain color, and some contain a large amount of water. There are various kinds of sediments, and there are various situations in which the nature of sewage has various situations. In order to deal with these sewage, it is indeed necessary to work hard. So, how can we choose the right polyacrylamide better and more reasonably?

Generally speaking, cationic polyacrylamide is used to treat sewage with acidic water quality, and anionic polyacrylamide is used to treat sewage with alkaline water quality. Of course, sewage with neutral water quality is easier to handle than sewage with alkaline and acidic water quality. If the acidity of the water quality of the sewage is too high, it is generally difficult to treat. The usual practice is to add alkali to the sewage to adjust the pH of the sewage. It is better that the sewage is neutral. This is easy to handle and can save processing costs. On the contrary, if the sewage shows high alkaline intensity, it is necessary to add acid to adjust the pH of the sewage. Even if the sewage is neutral, and not all polyacrylamide of that type can treat the sewage well and meet the discharge standard, there is a more accurate selection problem. The usual method is to do a small test in the laboratory and pass the Repeated experimental comparison, select the model with better experimental effect, and then check whether the selected model is suitable in production in the actual production process.

Physical method:Polyacrylamide is a wastewater treatment met...
Physical method:Polyacrylamide is a ...
As we all know, polyacrylamide is known as Baiye auxiliaries...
As we all know, polyacrylamide is kn...

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